As at 1st April 2021

The Snowball Portfolio is a long-only global equity portfolio with concentrated positions (c.20-30 holdings) and a long-term time horizon. We aim to outperform our benchmark, the Vanguard Total World Stock Index, over the long-term. We also adopt option selling strategies (i.e. selling covered calls and naked puts) to take advantage of volatility and time decay.

We seek to invest in businesses with a durable economic moat, attractive unit economics, low capital intensity, significant reinvestment opportunities at a high ROIC, and have meaningful real option value. We prefer owner-operated businesses where key management holds a meaningful stake. 

In 2021 YTD, The Snowball Portfolio is up 15.72%. Meanwhile, the Vanguard Total World Stock Index is up 2.64%, representing an outperformance of 13.08%

In 2020, The Snowball Portfolio was up 23.18%. Meanwhile, the Vanguard Total World Stock Index was up 16.42%, representing an outperformance of 6.76%

The Snowball Portfolio was incepted on 8 Jan 2020.

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2021 YTD Performance

2020 Performance

Snowball Portfolio: 23.18%

Vanguard Total World Stock Index: 16.42%

Outperformance: 6.76%