Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is The Snowball?

A: The Snowball is a financial literacy website that seeks to promote sound investment knowledge to investors globally.

The Snowball Community is a paid subscription online discussion site where like-minded individuals come together to discuss financial news and investing.


Q: Who is The Snowball and what credentials does the team have?

A: The Snowball is managed by a group of college students seeking to put a ding in the universe. You can find out more about us and our credentials at the Our Team page.


Q: How often will content added?

A: The Snowball aims to release a variety of monthly articles comprising of company deep dives, primers, quick-takes, and crypto content.


Q: What makes The Snowball and The Snowball Community different?


A: Our mission is to democratise quality investment ideas so that everyone, not just the financial elite, can make better investment decisions. We also aim to build a sustainable community where everyone can learn from one another and discuss actionable investment ideas.


Here are 5 things that make The Snowball Community better than anything else you are used to:

#1 Price: $10 per month

#2 Duration: Monthly renewal. No lock-in period, unsubscribe anytime

#3 Transparency: We publish all our ideas publicly

#4 Community & Interaction: We conduct periodic discussions and have a community forum

#5 Content: Growing library of downloadable content and exclusive access to our monthly deep dives

Q: If our investment strategies are that good, why create a community and share with others?

A: Investing is for the long-term and not a zero-sum game. It is true that most of the basic information is available online but the value-add here is knowing which information to find and where to find it. By building a community, we believe that we can significantly shorten the learning curve of young investors as well as provide a platform for idea generation and debate for seasoned investors.


We also believe that no one has a monopoly of knowledge and everyone has something insightful to share from their respective domains. By tapping on the collective experiences of the community, the sum of the whole can be greater than the parts.


We have the opportunity and the ability to make a difference, so why not?


Q: Must I be a paid member in order to access the articles?

A: No. Our main content, which includes monthly company insights and portfolio updates, will always be free. This is in line with our mission of democratising quality investment ideas. We pledge to uphold the same level of quality and diligence for all content that we produce. However, if you wish to gain deeper insights into our process and ideas, you can consider joining the Snowball Community by purchasing a Community Pass. We look forward to co-learning with you and building the community together.


Q: I do not need all the stated content and services but I believe in the vision, how can I support The Snowball?

A: You can subscribe to the Snowball Community by purchasing a Community Pass. It would certainly go a long way in helping keep the lights on.

Dont't see your question? Shoot us an email at admin@thesnowball.info