As of 1st June 2021

The Snowball Crypto Portfolio is a long-only crypto-asset portfolio with concentrated core bets and a long-term time horizon. We aim to outperform our benchmark, the S&P Bitcoin Index, over the long-term. We also adopt liquidity provisioning and yield farming strategies to complement our core positions. 

We seek to invest in crypto-assets with a large TAM, product-market fit, and a vibrant community. We prefer crypto-assets that possess attractive tokenomics with meaningful value capture and accrual.  

Since its inception, Snowball Crypto Portfolio is up 12.43%. Meanwhile, the S&P Bitcoin Index is down 7.78%, representing an outperformance of 20.21%


The Snowball Crypto Portfolio was incepted on 28th May 2021 with an initial invested capital of S$200,000.

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