Established in 2020, The Snowball is a financial literacy website that seeks to promote sound investment knowledge to investors globally.

At the heart of The Snowball, we believe in investing for the long-term, value creation, disruptive innovation, and thought leadership.


Our articles focus on company, industry, and thematic ideas particularly in the equity (Singapore, United States, Hong Kong) and crypto markets. 

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Hi, we are Jin Koi, Kenny, and Bryan. In August 2018, we met at a school camp at Singapore Management University and naturally clicked well with one another due to our similar interest in investing.

As we got to know one another better, we decided to put our investment skills to the test and joined the annual NUS-SGX Stock Pitch Competition in March 2019. We were glad to have progressed to the finals but missed out on a podium finish. Nevertheless, we took away invaluable learning points.

With the lessons learned and a chip on our shoulders, we decided to participate in the inaugural InvestorOne Stock Challenge in September 2019 and emerged champions. We were pleasantly surprised that The Straits Times was interested in our story and featured us in the Invest section. You can check out the article here.

After the stock pitches, we did not want our research ideas to go to waste and shared them with the investment community in Singapore.  The response was overwhelming. Many retail investors, buy-side fund managers and college students gave positive feedback on the research that we produced. It was then where we started to realize the value of democratizing our investment ideas and opening avenues for discussion about investment topics.

On 12 Feb 2020, we discussed the possibility of building a platform where we could share our investment ideas with the public. We envisioned a place where investment enthusiasts regardless of experience could come together to engage in fruitful discussions about investment ideas and learn from one another.

On 17 Feb 2020, thesnowball.info was created, and its first post was published. We endeavour to build The Snowball into something meaningful over time. This is a big world, and we are just starting out.

On 16 Jan 2021, The Snowball Community was launched. It is a paid subscription online discussion site where like-minded individuals come together to discuss financial news and investing.